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humidity: 93%
H 16 • L 4
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Downhill trails

DifficultyLengthVertical riseConditionsOperation
Turistická (free ride)Easy1400 m266 m
KomínMedium1000 m266 m
Letná studňaMedium900 m266 m
Zimná studňaDifficult700 m266 m
Koleso (free ride)Difficult700 m266 m
DetskáEasy150 m20 m




Well, what I truly hate is people rushing. You know, to build a carreer, to earn money. And they end up whinning. I never truly got why. For me, what matters it to go out. To wax my skis. Fasten ski boots. Enjoy singing to myself on a lift. To stand at the top of a slope, pause for a moment and look around. To feel the nature’s majesty – that distant calmness of a frozen landscape covered in a sunshine. Yeah, that’s the reason why I love skiing at Ski Gugel. I’m here to relax. To forget the reality.

To enjoy being alive!



You wake up in a cottage. With first deep breaths of pure, mountain air you take a look at perfectly groomed slopes. Walking to a resort you enjoy snow squeezing under your feet. With every step you are becoming more entailed by resort atmosphere. You feel energetic and happy! At the end of your first run, still catching breath, you pause for a moment and realize you could wish for nothing more.

Just to go for a run after run. To laugh with your friends, to hit your love with a snowball. To take a sip of a tea at the top and enjoy pure wilderness of Slovak paradise. That’s the reason I love Mlynky.




Why do I ski?

Beause it’s fullfiling! Sometimes I wonder I must be, deep inside, a true sportsman. One of those that constantly look for new challenges. Limits to test their skills. The only thing that matter to them is to be the best. To win. Over the others. Over themselves. In skiing – it’s everywhere – each run, each turn is a new test. A chance to make it. Run it faster. Smoother. You don’t need anybody.

Your opponent is out there – steep, groomed slopes of SKI GUGEL Mlynky resort.




Skiing just a sport?

Hm, not. It’s a world on it’s own. Made out of thousands details. Chilling air in the morning. Smell of a hot tea. Perfectly sharpened ski edges. Freezing googles. Gentle snowflakes twists. And speed – that thrilling moments when you race down the slope, your body and mind balancing on an edge, enclosed in a beatiful nature and other people, enjoying the very same. I don’t know them. But deep inside I know we are similar. We must be.

We are skiers. With everything it takes…